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STRATAFOAM introduces more grades to its Self-Emulsifying defoamer / de-aerator series for Paper-making process.
Date: 1-May-2012

STRATAFOAM introduces more grades of self-emulsifying 100% Active Defoamers / De-aerators for Paper-making process. STRATAFOAM PN 9100SE is for systems with sub 40°C temperatures whereas PN 9700SE for all temperatures systems. STRATAFOAM has also Test- Launched PN 9796SE, a new grade containing de-aeration boosters for paper-making process. These grades are designed for international pulp & paper customers so that they can pre-dilute these grades on site to 25% or 30% emulsions in water. The self-emulsifying feature will help STRATAFOAM grades compete with global majors.


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